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Conservation and enviormental processing of Sheabutter

The aim of the project is to establish in Gambella to provide a job opportunities for more than 250 women for processing environmentally Sheabutter nuts while conserving Sheabutter trees.

Change from fuel wood and water, which are often carried from long distances to establishing of processing facility with solar and integrate rain water system.  The large demand for labour, water and fuel wood by the traditional method of shea butter processing and a possible environmental effects from large and continues use of fuel wood. The aim of the project is to establish a processors facilities that integrates youth and provide skills in alternative processing method (solar and hydropower energy).


The aim of the project is to introduce semi mechanized with a nut crusher, an improved roaster, a kneader or a hydraulic screw press introduced to reduce the drudgery associated with the traditional manual process of shea butter production.

You can download the doucment here and contact us in the following email: info(at)