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Community-based interactive Ecotourism for promotion of conservation in Ethiopian Biosphere Reserves (CIEPCEB)

Ethiopian biosphare reserve tourism

This will ensure sustainable way of tourism. For this purpose Ecopia started the CIEPCEB project together with BfN in February 2015 for three years. Together we will be working in the UNESO-certified Biosphere Reserve areas of Sheka, Yayu and Kafa. Alongside these examples Ecopia has also the plan to establish with UNESCO, BfN and other partners like SAN a biosphere reserve in Gambela Region around the National Park area as this zone will also be in focus of our ecotourism project. Furthermore, this vision is in line with national as well as regional tourism development policies and goals. At all of the sites our ecotourism facilities will be connected to our food and cosmetic processing facilities at the spots. Furthermore, in the case of the three sites Sheka, Yayu and Kafa there will be a link with the administration and supervision of the Biosphere Reserves. Ecopia wants to work together with some selected farmers and families in building sustainable tourism.


The project will introduce water activities within the rivers of the biosphere reserves beside other communities based activities like horse riding and bird watching. Ecopia will also train them in tourism service provision and infrastructure development. 

Contact person: Dr. Mitslal Kifleyesus-Matschie und Christina Peklo.

Yayu Community

Yayu Community