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Ecopia Communities

Ecopia Tours a sister company of Ecopia companies Ecopia Organic Food Plc, Ecopia Herbal Medicinal plant that are holding more than 11,000 farmers in 14 different places of Ethiopia. Ecopia is home in Ethiopian Biosphere reserves and UNESCO world heritage sites for providing access and benefit on the conservation of the biodiversity of the Land of Origin.

You can experiences Ethiopian coffee, biodiversity, wildlife, traditional medicine activities in our three communities impressively.

Ecopia Tours offers a range of different activities including walking, horse-riding, nature trails, picnics and cannoning. Additionally, we provide a wide range of ecosystem services beneficial organic food, herbal cosmetics and herbal medicinal plant. Forest and woods are also important areas for recreation, aesthetic appreciation as well as stress relief for the people. Concerning this, forests may help to reduce the negative impacts of the changing climate. Support economic growth, promote healthy Lifestyles and help to alleviate a range of different diseases.

You can explore the biosphere reserve on your own or join one of the numerous guided birdwatching tours offered in the biosphere reserve. Within Ethiopian biosphere reserve you will find a place where you can only hear the sounds of nature,


  •          stargazing,
  •          hike a forest trail,
  •          kayaking,
  •          eat local food,
  •          watch the sunrise/sunset,
  •          practice outdoor yoga,
  •          put your feet in the earth,
  •          play in the rain and water,
  •          watch a tropical rain and storm.