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Familien und Kinderreisen – Entdecken Sie die Tierwelt Äthiopiens

Discover the marvellous biosphere reserves and geo tourism with natural attractions and animals of Ethiopia on a family adventure. In our way to the south to Awassa to visit the Hippo, we will see the birds and kayaking in the lacks. The family tour is with some luxury tour, as it has to include swim in pool of hotels and tenting beside family hotels. We will include guided walk to see a local village and ecopia communities. Educational aspects of nature and community living.

The special aspect of our family and children tour include:

Activities to be done by the kids (natural identification of birds and animals, doing your own toys with other kids);

Parents time for themselves and

Active touring with Tent and kayaking.

Special attention given to the health and food aspects of the family. We will have our own cook and nanny traveling with us. We advise to have two family together for best period.


If you want we can also coordinate it with Ethiopian family that are traveling with.


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