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Geologisch-geographische Reise durch Äthiopien

Geo tourism of Ecopia Tours focus in finding the answer and uncovers geo-logical evidence that helps explain these fantastic tourist treasures: how the churches, temple, and stelae were constructed. As well as organizing tours is to make visitors aware of, and to gain some understanding of, the geological features that surround them.

The possible tour areas are the following: 

  • In the Rift Valley lake District.
  • You will experiences the continental rifting in action;
  • Visiting with our cannoning equipment’s to the four lake basins, Debre Zeit volcanic field Rift Valley lakes each geologically distinct impressive 
  • Dormant volcanoes, hot springs, faults, Lacustrine sediments including diatomites, Pumice tuff and ignimbrites);
  • Middle Awash archaeological sites and Awash National Park: Ignimbrite blisters at Awash, there the Junction of the Rift Valley and Afar Dormant caldera volcano Hot springs, Tectonic fissures and fresh lava flow volcanic blisters in ignimbrite and Mysteriously rising lake
  • Northern Afar: the birth of an ocean Fresh lava forms Sulphur hot springs Salt plains and lakes permanently active lava lake, 
  • Dallol volcano and hot springs: endangered by potash mining, Fragile hot spring formations at Dallol, 
  • Erta Ale;
  • Semien Mts 
  • Blue Nile Gorge
  • Adua plugs

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