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Taste of Ethiopia Coffee

Ecopia Tours its efforts in conservation of Ethiopian biodiversity, we organize training on biodiversity of coffee, as part of the official program of the Taste of Ethiopia the Workshops to help coffee lovers to immerse to the history and biodiversity of coffee within Ethiopian Biosphere Reserve the origin of coffee in Kefa, Yayu and Sheka.  It is the center of origin for the most popular coffee in the world, Coffea arabica. We will visit all the areas the largest and most important forest for the conservation of the wild populations in the World. The area plays a key role in the conservation of natural and cultural landscapes. The biosphere reserve includes Eastern Afromontane Biodiversity Hotspot and Important Bird Areas of international significance. The area is also of cultural and historical significance since it possesses many archaeological sites, ritual sites, caves and waterfall.

 It is a journey that started with a taste of individual coffee origins and learning cupping in Ethiopian Exporters as well as learning the traditional methods of preparation of coffee in Ethiopia, as well as from traditional to a professional filter machines or mocha coffee pots, and ended with the discovery of coffee based food and herbal cosmetic products. Tradition and innovation, in the true style of Ecopia Tours. 

The next workshop in October 2017 and if you need to join an european tour members of 16 people only. Please send email in English, German or French at info(at)