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Ethiopian Products Debut At Fancy Food Tradeshow

The Fancy Food Show is the largest specialty food tradeshow in the United States.  Held twice a year on the East and West coasts of the US, it brings together over the course of 3 days, up to 2500 exhibitors with 20,000 or more attendees representing thousands of buyers from all over the country. This year’s Summer show was held June 28-30 at the Javits Center in New York City.

Looking to crack into the US market this year were products from 7 Ethiopian producers  represented at the tradeshow by Emergent Global Services under its MadeInEthiopia banner (  Operating a booth funded by USAID VEGA, Emergent Global’s Sossina Tafari was not only presenting the particular products from each vendor but also promoting Ethiopia as a source of increasingly viable products for US retailers.

World class honey has been one of Ethiopia’s best kept secrets for some time now.  Unparalleled biodiversity gives Ethiopian bees a wide range of exotic flora and fauna to extract their nectar from and the results are quite often some of the best honey you will ever taste.  This year, a variety of honey from Ethiopian beekeepers using modern hives and automated processing, were available for buyers to inspect.  The variety included both monofloral and polyfloral honeys from the south (Bonga & Jimma areas - Sheba Honey and Alem Honey) and western parts (Wellega - Tadele Honey) of Ethiopia as well as the coveted white honey from Tigray (Dimma Honey).

Spices have long held a special place in Ethiopian cuisine and the country’s rich foliage and plant diversity have played a big role in the number and variety of unique spices that can be found here.  However, traditional Ethiopian spices have not penetrated into other markets as much as their natural quality and intense flavor might indicate.  Attendees who stopped by the MadeInEthiopia booth were treated to the powerful aromas and enticing colors of Ethiopian spices including the traditional berbere and mainstream staples such as coriander and cloves.

Ecopia is a three year old company that has managed to build up an impressive and very high quality line of naturally grown and processed products from top quality ingredients.  It’s name is meant to signify it’s motto – Ecologically Friendly Products From Ethiopia - and it stays true to everything that implies.

Working with smallholders as outgrowers supplementing its own production, Ecopia ensures that all its products are free from any additives, preservatives or other chemicals.  Its array of exceptionally tasty products include a variety of jams, juices and even traditional recipes such as qochqocha or Ethiopian mustard.  With product labels that enable it to trace the contents of a jar down to the farmer who picked the fruit, Ecopia is taking the giant step to link the extraordinary natural products from Ethiopia with advanced markets in search of them.

Some of the products from these vendors will soon be available for retail at .  Wholesale orders will be available indefinitely through the same channel subject to availability. For more information, email

More than 100 retailers, importers and food manufacturers who visited the MadeInEthiopia booth expressed strong interest in receiving samples of the products they saw there for strong consideration of potential orders.  In the weeks and months that follow, Emergent Global will diligently be following up with each one of them to pursue these opportunities in opening up American markets to new and innovative Ethiopian products. Good luck to all the producers!

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