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Camping, Hiking, Birds and Water Safaris

Our tour activities from individual, school and group tour will be organised with your tour agenieces and individual with Ecopia Tour.

We will host you soon.

Weaking up in Biosphar Reserve

Sleeping in our community houses or in our Tents, weaking up look



Bird and insect education visit

Ethiopia host 57 indemic plants and the highest concentration of birds as well as batterfly

Possible guid tour we would like to organise for you and your team


We are offering our tour packages to tour and travel agencies around the globe. For this purpose we are designing these packages according to different factors, like:

Single persons, families or groups (up to 16 persons) 

Time of stay


Motivation/Purpose of the Journey (health, holidays, education, adventure, new experiences, wildlife fans, sportive activities)

All our offered packages will not be fixed they could be tailor-made according wishes and needs of the individual group or single person.



For small groups, interested in wildlife, culture, history and environment

6 days

Journey to the roots of coffee culture and experiencing a unique biodiversity 

First Day: Bedele

Begin of the journey early in the morning starting from Addis Abeba and going to Bedele

Overnightstay in Bedele

Day Two: Yayu Biosphere Reserve

Departing from Bedele and going to Yayu Site

Visit the farmers and the processing facility of Ecopia

Exploring the forest

Going through the learning path in the forest

In the evening sit on the camping fire and enjoy together with the locals a night full of fun with story-telling, dancing and home-made drinks

Camping at the campsite with good toilets and showers

Day Three: Sheka

Departing to Sheka in the morning

See the site

Enjoy a day full of action and fun with rafting or canoeing

In the evening sit together with the families around and hear their stories

Enjoy one day with product show and wellness with our certified Forest Therapy Guides and experience the traditional healing

Sleep one night in a traditional house in our communities

Sit together with the families enjoy a traditional coffee ceremony

Day Four: Kafa

Go with us to the roots of the coffee culture and see the birthplace of coffee

Kafa with its cloud forest and wildlife will give you unforgettable images

See the coffee museum

Sleep in a modern lodge around the transition zone of the biosphere reserve and enjoy our services around traditional food, drinks and many more

Day Five and Six: Way Back to Addis Abeba

Departing in the morning from Kafa site and go to Jimma for a one night stay in a classical Ethiopian Hotel

Departing from Jimma to Addis Abeba in the morning


End of the Trip!

Included in our services: Transportation from the beginning to the end of the trip, Accommodation and entrance fee in all the places, food and beverages, guides and attraction fees.

Excluded are tips and alcoholic drinks!

Equipment for the treks


We have excellent camping and trekking equipment imported from Europe. We outclass all our competitors in this matter.

Camping Equipment for Mountain Treks and Environmental View Tours

For sleeping at night, we have tipi style tents in poly-cotton in which you can stand. Each couple have their personal tent. You will also enjoy very comfortable self-inflating mats, wide sleeping bags that protect you from night frost, inner cotton linens and even a small folding table for keeping your personal stuffs.

For the meals and the time spent in a group, a large tipi tent in poly-cotton with windows and that accommodate more than 10 people will be pitched up. A comfortable ground carpet, small camping chairs, lighting equipment and even a wood stove to warm you up and prepare tea.

 A large additional tent is pitched up as kitchen and for the tour staff.

Equipment for the Treks

We have 4 seasons tunnel tent with extra living space, self-inflating mat of 3.8 cm thickness, synthetic or down sleeping bags depending on the circumstances, cotton linen, walking poles.

Equipment for water sport and water adventure.