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We have excellent camping and trekking equipment imported from Europe. We outclass all our competitors in this matter.

Camping Equipment for Mountain Treks and Environmental View Tours

For sleeping at night, we have tipi style tents in poly-cotton in which you can stand. Each couple have their personal tent. You will also enjoy very comfortable self-inflating mats, wide sleeping bags that protect you from night frost, inner cotton linens and even a small folding table for keeping your personal stuffs.

For the meals and the time spent in a group, a large tipi tent in poly-cotton with windows and that accommodate more than 10 people will be pitched up. A comfortable ground carpet, small camping chairs, lighting equipment and even a wood stove to warm you up and prepare tea.

 A large additional tent is pitched up as kitchen and for the tour staff.

Equipment for the Treks

We have 4 seasons tunnel tent with extra living space, self-inflating mat of 3.8 cm thickness, synthetic or down sleeping bags depending on the circumstances, cotton linen, walking poles.

Equipment for water sport and water adventure.